The darkness of a health issue

In January of 2018, I had developed a cough that was pretty consistent. It lasted about two months or so. I decided to go to the doctor to get it checked out. At first, the doctor gave me an inhaler to use. I believe she said they like to give it a month or so to see if the cough disappears. So another month went by, and the cough was still there. So the doctor proceeded with a chest x ray. The results came back, and they had found something that had to do with the heart. They didn’t know what exactly. So they then recommended a CT Angiogram. I proceeded with the Angiogram. The doctor had called me about the results. She told me that my ascending aorta was dilated. She referred me to a Cardiologist. I had went in to get an Echocardiogram done. The Cardiologist went over the results with me. It was determined that I have an aneurism that is 5.1 centimeters. The Cardiologist told me surgery would be recommended. They referred me to a genetics doctor to determine whether or not I had Marfan’s syndrome, which is a connective tissue disorder causing aneurisms in the ascending aorta. It was determined I didn’t have it. So the genetics doctor recommended we watch and wait for 6 months to see if there is a possibility of it shrinking or stabilizing. The Cardiologist and surgeon both agreed to wait. So I will do either another CT Angiogram or Echocardiogram at either the end of October, or beginning of November to see if there are any changes. If it has grown, I face surgery likely around the beginning of December. If no changes, likely around beginning of March if surgeon and Cardiologist agree. I will admit I was scared when I first found out. I had been exercising and taking care of myself since I was in 8th grade. I’m now 50 which I still think is young for facing this type of thing. But it doesn’t matter how healthy you may be. The doctors know what exactly caused it. The genetics doctor seemed to think from heavier weight training throughout the years. I’m a Christian, and I didn’t ask why me. I realized even as a Christian I wouldn’t be exempt from sickness, disease, loss of a job etc.. I just prayed to God, and put my trust in him that he’s in control. I didn’t blame God and ask why. I know we live in a fallen world which has brought about sin, death etc.. I was so thankful for what Jesus Christ did for me by saving me by dying and shedding his blood on the cross for the sins of the world, was buried, and rose from the dead three days later. I was facing a fate far worse than a heart condition before accepting Jesus as my savior, and that was hell. We all deserve hell and judgment. Jesus died the substitutionary death that we deserve. He paid the price for our sins, so that we could come into a rightful relationship with God. He offers the free gift of salvation to all who will accept. So for anyone who is facing a dark time in their life by some health situation, divorce, loss of a job etc., just put your faith and trust in Jesus as your savior. Just trust that God is in control of your situation, and you don’t have to go it alone. Know that he has your back, and that he loves you. Surround yourself with people who will pray for you, and love you. Know that you are loved, and that once you have accepted Jesus as your savior, there is nothing you will ever face that is too big for God. God is much bigger than anything you will ever face. Eternal life in heaven with God, will be far more glorious than you could imagine. A place where there will be no sin, disease, sickness, tears.